Monday, March 6, 2006

Why Must the Birds Change their Tune?

Ah...Must I repeat my title? I hope not. To think that I went through all this planning, and now it's come to ruin. Okay, well not that terrible of an event, but I feel like my heart is crushed---somewhat.
My image posted on the right was taken last night. Titled, "Relief," I thought of the most beautiful, romantic things in life. I was relieved [and at the same time excited] that I found someone of interests, who shared my love of art. I had decided to take the reigns if I was going to start this relationship. I felt confident, fresh, in complete peace. Ah, relief.Yes.I will explain all these vague thoughts.
It began on the first day of Spring semester, and I was in one of my classes. My eyes fell upon this fellow, and at first I did not notice anything about him...except for his mouth. He had lovely lips- a beautiful, concentrated heart shape that I had never seen before. I look down, and oh my--- he was drawing. An artist! Wow. 2 kudos points for this guy. Haha. Anywho- I am veeery shy [being an artist, you know...] and it took me about 6 weeks for me to say anything to this guy. I've been talking to him for the past two weeks, and he seems amazing. So warm, with a great sense of humor, and a mesmerizing mouth. I am a sucker for mouths! Anyway, I was looking up museums- for I thought he would like to accompany me to a very ineteresting exhibit at MOCA [Museum of Contemporary Art] relating to Comic Book art from the mid-20th century. It would be a nice way to start a friendship, and maybe even more...
However, my plan came to ruin when it came to my class this Monday morning. I was in his group discussing a class project, when a guy blurts out some vague comment about models, and Tom* says, " know I'm single..." and I noticed that he was taking off this silver ring.
That was all it took. Not only is he not single, but I am pretty sure he is serious about her, considering the importance of the ring. Ay...
Seems that Mr. Right was not where I was looking.
...but- I could try and build a friendship from here.
You never know.
Until then, The Gomez is out.

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