Wednesday, March 1, 2006

...of Yellow Haciendas and Orchids.

I had a dream...and no, a beautifully stated passage about an era where racial equality reigns will not follow.


Anywho-yes- I had a dream where my mother had arranged a party. I would be guessing it was for her church group, for they always have gatherings. It's such a cult!

The party took place in this energetic-looking, Spanish style hacienda mansion. It smelled of roses and dried chiles, a smell so exact that I was confused when I saw orchids and tangerine trees instead. The inside of the mansion was so beautiful- stained glass was everywhere, with a pattern of grapes and grapevines all over, and the walls were painted a beautiful, high saturated ochre color. I wore this amazing white, frilly dress that did not stain--even though I was rolling in the soft,green hills. This was truly a dream. I saw 8 foot tall Friesian horses galloping away in their independence. Majestic. Then my mother yells:


Ah, to hell with it.

So I explored the house, touched the antiquities, tried on the old-fashioned clothes. As I reveled in the pre-industrial fashions, I heard an extremely low, extremely sexy voice coming from one of the 36 (? just about) rooms. I kept following the voice, but I felt like I was going in circles. Finally, through weirdways and nowhere-ways, I found a man dressed in this blue, elegant costume. I am talking pre-California-mission style. He seemed to be from Elizabethan times, with the frilly (ah, frills frills frills) chest thingie, and gold buttons galore. He looked at me with such a gaze of grace, and i took a sigh of relief.

Poof! He was gone! I HAD to find this man!

I heard his voice, so I followed his voice...and once again- this way , that way, I was getting nowhere.
I open the creepiest looking door, and I thought I had found him but... my surprise, it was a dog made from those balloons [you know, the ones they make at parties?] and in an instant he was right in front of me, made a funny sound like: "Oogalaboogala"
and bada-bing bada-boom, he popped!

Fuck, I sure did wake up.

It was creepy!

Any dream interpreters know what a balloon animal with a sexy voice means/describes?

Until then, The Gomez is out.

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