Monday, March 27, 2006

It is nationwide.

In the wake of Sensenbrenner's [R-WI] wrath, I am amazed at the power of people to unite for a cause, and raise awareness under one voice. I am talking about the nationwide opposition to Senate Bill HR 4437, meant to implement severe punishments upon undocumented immigrants. Called the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005, this bill has nothing to do with anti-terrorism- this is a race issue. An unsparing Sensenbrenner passionately [and fearlessly] dictates on his opposition to immigrants- mind you, this country was founded on IMMIGRANTS. His ancestors are most likely not natives of the United States. I have said this once, and I will say this once again:

If immigrants of times past had the right to start their life anew, don't the immigrants of this generation have an equal opportunity?

According to Sensenbrenner, Jim Gilchrist, and his fascist Minutemen organization, immigrants have no rights nor a voice.

Despite his crumbling approval rating, PreZ Bush finally succumbed to the fact that, YES, undocumented peoples do take jobs that Americans will just not do and that immigrants are a valuable source for the American economy [finally, something smart]. He continued to say that he plans to grant working visas to undocumented immigrants. However, I do find one blistering fault in his new proposal. These 6-year working visas are in no way helpful towards accessing a residency. This is ridiculous. How can you be offering jobs but distancing your very own "employees"?! That is unethical and imposes a great amount of exploitation on undocumented workers. You wouldn't want to post a sign saying "Help Wanted/Back OFF!" at the same, right?
Well PreZ, you better think of a better solution.

Back to the nationwide protests, it brought a tear to my eye that so many people supported the rights of immigrants. These people are fighting for their families, employees, and classmates. The activists certainly do not want their loved ones and friends to leave this country due to a preposterous bill in a coned, white-cloth mask. HR 4437 is fueled by the blood of racist politicians who have nothing better to do than implement fear on those who know no better, which is why I was so relieved to know that so many vehemently oppose this bill. Cities all over rallied to city halls, the media provided little media coverage, and schools walked out [knowing that they faced truancies, multiple-day suspensions, and even losing graduation privileges!] Students walked out of their schools, jumped fences, held their country's flags, walked 20+ miles to Los Angeles, and even walked on the freeways! [highways for everyone else in the U.S.]Out here in Orange County, a boy from Santa Ana was killed [got run over]. His conviction to stand for rights not-quite available cost him his life and God Bless his soul for the power to voice out is amazing.
You know that you yourself know someone who is undocumented. I bet he/she is not a bad person- do they not deserve the same rights and privileges as you?

I'd like to thank the cities all over for this victory in Unity.
Until then, The Gomez is out.

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