Thursday, March 30, 2006

I really really [REALLY] Dislike...

When [at social gatherings] the table behind you is talking all this shit about you.
...and half of those people either don't know you or barely know you.
...and they judge you according to what the stupid gossiping bitches say.
That makes you not only the bitche's accomplice, but narrow minded.

I have learned to not always believe what people say about others, ESPECIALLY when I do not know the person being trashed.

It's just not right.

Michael Brewer's illustration to the right just explains it perfectly without words. People are so blind to believing shit talk, that they just give you ugly looks.

...and you know that they're being idiots.

Last week, I went to an anniversary party, only to experience the worst kind of treatment.

SHIT TALK! UGH! Speak of the Evil Eye, my poor soon-to-be sister-in-law and I had to endure horrific glares from the table behind ours.

Unfortunately, I was consumed with hatred and discomfort, and that did not make sis feel any better.

I feel really awful for that, but UGH!

I just want to say Fuck all of you who had to steep so low as to give ME and my gorgeous sister-in-law fuckugly glares!!!

[I would be angrier...but it just does not look write in print]

Until then, The Gomez is out- and don't talk shit!

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  1. people do tend to prejudge others for stupid reasons...matter of fact i have just come to realize it doesn't matter what these stupid people think. if they don't take the time and effort to learn for themselves...they aren't worth being concerned about!

    I liked the drawings...