Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Forgotten Letters.

Writing letters is usually an activity that involves at least two people: the writer and the reader... However, when you write a letter to someone who will never receive it-- that is where the plot gets interesting...
This is a story about an experience I had years ago, when I discovered a beautiful, worn box and I was intrigued to find out the contents within the box [if anything!]
-What I discovered was something very much out of a Hollywood film-
I found these uber-aged envelopes with the most hauntingly beautiful writing I have ever read. These are letters brimming with unrequited love, an eternal sadness, and a search for companionship, signed by a mysterious "La Amante Sofia" ["The Lover, Sofia]. My friend and I located this box on the outskirts of a park, and these letters looked so old, we were afraid of them turning into dust.
So we did the crazy, and decided to resort to some good, old-fashioned detective work and find the author behind these writings.
All but one of the letters were missing an address, so we went to the residence of the address, and sadly, the woman was not living there anymore; however, the current owners DID know the past owners and they planned to contact her about this box. A few days later, we got in contact with the previous owner and found out that she lived like 4 hours away! Thinking this was too good of an opportunity to pass up, my friend and I headed to her place and investigate the origins of these letters!
The look on this woman's face once she took a look into the box was -for lack of a better word- priceless. She just began weeping "My sister, my sister..." and said "Thank you" about a thousand times...
She sat us down for a very long, detailed story about her sister's legacy, who sadly took her life decades ago. These letters further highlight this woman at the deepest corners of despair... again, I have never read anything so beautiful and perfect, although overwhelmingly troubled. She was a person longing her love, leaving it up to one man and his word to return to her but instead finding love in another woman.
"La Amante Sofia" never recovered from this heartache, and began writing for days and days until sometime in between, she stopped writing.
Either out of spite or anger, she refused to sign her letters with her known name, and thus the creation of "Sofia."
I had so many questions, but seeing this nice old woman in tears was just too much and some things are better left as mysteries, no?
Some of her writings deeply affected the way I write everything- even these blogs-- although I'm nowhere near close to the amazing skill this woman had..
Alright, that was just a small story I had to share.
Until then, The Gomez is out.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Art Pieces For Sale.

I've finally decided to let go of two pieces for my college's art exhibit and sale.

I believe that the artwork has to reflect the course material, and since I'm currently taking figure drawing class, I'm submitting [tasteful] nudes to the exhibit.
Tell me what you think :o)
Mujer En Verde 1.0, 2007

La Femme Aux Ailes Bizarres, 2007
Until then, The Gomez is out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Celebrity Update!

One of my previous posts mentioned that I saw 2 celebrities, well I got their names:

Harland Williams

James Woods
I wasn't too excited or anything, I guess it is Los Angeles after all...but I couldn't help but to let out a little gasp, haha.
Alright, until then..you know who is out--- The Gomez.

No-Name Model.

Hello everyone,

Today was an almost unending day- anywho...

I've decided to post another figure drawing.

As always, critiques are always welcome :o)

The full image [above]

Until then, The Gomez is out.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is a drawing I made several weeks ago:
Given the title, the model's name is Richard- so no, there is no new love interest with that name, haha. it felt good really taking my time into really emphasizing the detail in this work.

My two favorite areas in this specific drawing is his torso and his face. I had stumbled across the challenge of adding dimension to the drawing, and before working on this piece, Richard was a black and white mess-- and it didn't occur to me to use the beautiful paper as a means to add depth to the chair.

Ah ha!
He didn't look so flat afterwards-- anywho, my professor really likes it, and so do I..
Any feedback would be great :o)
Until then, The Gomez is out.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bad movie, Black Friday, Feeding the Homeless.

Thanksgiving felt unbelievably lonely, haha. Although my family was there, it seems as if something is missing- as to what it is, I can't quite say, so maybe afterall nothing is missing?


Anywho, on to Black Friday- America's manifestation of its extreme consumer culture packed into 4 a.m. shopping sprees- I would much rather sleep through it all. However, my cousin is a Black Friday virgin, and had never [to my amazement] heard of this fast growing pseudo-tradition. She also had plans of pulling an all-nighter so once we finish the shopping we'd go back to her house and sleep all day-weeeell, I had already pulled an all-nighter the previous night and I was just not up to shopping.
As my cousin went forth with the too-early-for-my-standards shopping, I slept in my friend's car..but I did join the frenzy at Target. People fighting over discount tv's, cameras, running back and forth between aisles, children could've died, people!!

I always seem to underestimate how frustrated I become with the rude, pushy people-- I'm never willing to participate if people are going to be assholes [pardon my language].
So I got my rest for the day yadda yadda and my cousin and I decide to go watch "The Mist." I did not read the novella or anything, but the movie was so tacky. Terrible. I won't expand on it, I guess you should watch it for yourself- the plot was just so out of control.. It is definitely not one of the best horror movies I've seen... no, no, no.

I saw two celebrities of which I did not know the names to either one of the guys, but that is my homework for the next blog, hahaha.

On a positive note, I went to help feed the homeless a very hearty meal, if you ask me- I was getting hungry myself... It's good to help people, you know?
It's that nice, warm, and fuzzy feeling kind-a thing.

Alrighty, I'm going to catch up on my ZzZz's, I am exhausted.

Until then, The Gomez is out.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Oh, the memories...
I hated making these hand turkeys as a kid, I felt they lacked so much creativity..so I remember tracing my hand like 3 times, I created the SUPER FEATHER'D ULTRA TUR-KAY!
It was ugly, but at least it was unique.
Anywho, I totally digressed from..
HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE [to those who celebrate it!]

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Empty Message

Round 2, Round 2!

Talking to a very special someone reminded me how much I missed blogging, so yes I am back here for Round 2 [DING DING!]
The whole reason why I began blogging was because I rid myself of the ever consuming myspace habit--- However, zee myspace is back up due to my cousin's relentless quest to have me there again, so yes, it's back, but I'm back here too.
Good stuff to come, now that I'm trying [really] to really focus on my art, and possibly get some feedback from the art community.
That's it for now, I'm at the mercy of the dreadful Thanksgiving dinner.
The Gomez is out.
P.S. Wow, I can't believe the stuff I used to write about, I'm all embarassed now that I put my bad writing in the limelight, haha.
It makes for good jokes, I suppose.
Okay okay, I'm really out.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Thank you, really...

[before you guys go bitching, yes I took this from my myspace blog]

Yes...(thank) you for teaching me to look to my inner self for strength, even when I felt like I had none- to not let people's judgement's get to the best of me- take everyone else's negativity and my own and make it into something productive- these are gifts I would would've not received/learned/what have you if you did not have to drill it in my head...and for that, I thank you.I always enjoyed your company, even if on the phone- whether or not you believe it...it was a thing of beauty really, insisting to sleep on the phone, haha, while you hummed yourself to sleep.At those times I was bogged down, and you brought and picked me up with your silly antics...and for that, I thank you again.I could go on for a bit just thanking you for the little things I observed...
But things are different now...I hear the frustration in your voice, and now things I say are stupid. I feel like I'm the one chasing you for a call, and when you do manage to call, it is 3 am, and you knock out immediately, while I talk to you about something... I'd rather not be called than talking to not be listened to. From the past, I learned to be tuned into language and body gestures...and since distance seems to be a problem, you'd think I wouldn't be able to tell that you lost interest?A while back, you said you weren't like "most guys"..and I thank you for teaching me that that is wrong. You can't just say something and expect me to believe you, for every "other" guy who's said so brought only disappointment.

This is when I truly believe that actions speak louder than any words...

Thank you for reminding me that I do not need to be in a relationship at this time. I have too many roles to be occupied with, and I just need time to finish until I move on. In my opinion, you are not ready either. I wouldn't dare say anything here, but I can always explain later.

So why myspace?Did you honestly think I'd want to do it here? No, of course not.However, I need to get this off my chest, so you may see it-- I can't stand you yelling at me whenever I feel the need to voice my opinions. You've shut me out far too many times, and I force myself to just act like nothing happened- but it's only a matter of time that little hassles amount to a big problem, and sadly it's come. This is not right-- when I feel fearful of telling you anything? This roulette-o-fear is a terror because anything I say could be a bullet that triggers your temper...this is not healthy- for you nor myself.
I've been honest to you, but when I tell you things and you insult me back with jealousy rages and hurtful words? That's like you spitting in my face, and I will not stand that kind of treatment. You said that you were joking, but what if I had pulled a similar "joke" on you? Pfsh, that would've been the end. I've dealt with this problem far too many times to take it any longer.
I'm not just blaming you- no..it is also my fault- I've done/said some stupid things, if I point the finger solely at you is just foolish...
After you abruptly hung up on me because you got angry for lulling myself to sleep, that was the moment I felt like I needed to take action. You said you'd tell me if you didn't want to talk to me- everything you do points in that direction, but you don't say a word...so here I am....and no, this is not for the whole world to see...so if you have anything to say in regards to this...You know what to do.
I won't just shut you out, nor will I totally blow off everything you say-
I wish you the very best of luck in everything you do.