Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bad movie, Black Friday, Feeding the Homeless.

Thanksgiving felt unbelievably lonely, haha. Although my family was there, it seems as if something is missing- as to what it is, I can't quite say, so maybe afterall nothing is missing?


Anywho, on to Black Friday- America's manifestation of its extreme consumer culture packed into 4 a.m. shopping sprees- I would much rather sleep through it all. However, my cousin is a Black Friday virgin, and had never [to my amazement] heard of this fast growing pseudo-tradition. She also had plans of pulling an all-nighter so once we finish the shopping we'd go back to her house and sleep all day-weeeell, I had already pulled an all-nighter the previous night and I was just not up to shopping.
As my cousin went forth with the too-early-for-my-standards shopping, I slept in my friend's car..but I did join the frenzy at Target. People fighting over discount tv's, cameras, running back and forth between aisles, children could've died, people!!

I always seem to underestimate how frustrated I become with the rude, pushy people-- I'm never willing to participate if people are going to be assholes [pardon my language].
So I got my rest for the day yadda yadda and my cousin and I decide to go watch "The Mist." I did not read the novella or anything, but the movie was so tacky. Terrible. I won't expand on it, I guess you should watch it for yourself- the plot was just so out of control.. It is definitely not one of the best horror movies I've seen... no, no, no.

I saw two celebrities of which I did not know the names to either one of the guys, but that is my homework for the next blog, hahaha.

On a positive note, I went to help feed the homeless a very hearty meal, if you ask me- I was getting hungry myself... It's good to help people, you know?
It's that nice, warm, and fuzzy feeling kind-a thing.

Alrighty, I'm going to catch up on my ZzZz's, I am exhausted.

Until then, The Gomez is out.

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  1. dude Carla,, didn't I call you for Thanksgiving? you were missing me, is what you were missing :> j/k
    dude I really like your writing...and I'm not just saying this cuz your Mexican...but you write exceptionally well and so interesting!
    a plus, bisous pacho