Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Round 2, Round 2!

Talking to a very special someone reminded me how much I missed blogging, so yes I am back here for Round 2 [DING DING!]
The whole reason why I began blogging was because I rid myself of the ever consuming myspace habit--- However, zee myspace is back up due to my cousin's relentless quest to have me there again, so yes, it's back, but I'm back here too.
Good stuff to come, now that I'm trying [really] to really focus on my art, and possibly get some feedback from the art community.
That's it for now, I'm at the mercy of the dreadful Thanksgiving dinner.
The Gomez is out.
P.S. Wow, I can't believe the stuff I used to write about, I'm all embarassed now that I put my bad writing in the limelight, haha.
It makes for good jokes, I suppose.
Okay okay, I'm really out.

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