Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sketch Epiphany

Take one excruciantingly boring class. I have a pen, and MANY an opinion. What do I do? I sketch, of course. I have been doing it for more than a decade [haha, I can say that now] and habits die hard. Sketching got me in trouble all throughout my elementary school years, when I heavily relied on the power of imagination and one good pen. That would not smudge. Of course those pens were hard to come by, but I did not quit sketching. Eventually, the sketches got better, and I transitioned to more realistic drawings...from there, I found myself in an arts high school where I had the amazing chance to perfect my technique.
Years later, I found myself sketching away on my magnificent advertising notebook....not realizing how long I have been sketching. In times of sadness, happiness, retrospect, or just plain normalcy- I relied upon my hands to deliver images that I imagined.
Be it an anti-fast food campaign or an obsession with a Japanese juice-drink mascot, I pledge to have my sketchbook ready and plentiful of fresh drawings for the World to see.
I wonder if they're ready.
I'm ready.
I love how I can not work blogger to organize my pictures in a good, consistent manner.
Ay, tecnologia.

1 comment:

  1. These doodles are fun, and the ones of the human heads are actually pretty good (especially for a doodle!) If you've got anymore, post 'em.