Wednesday, March 8, 2006


{Son Risa-S2, 2006. Digital.}
I am still kinda sad. I mean, liking someone you barely met, but they made such an impact on you. It is a beautiful feeling. Everything seems right, and ah....Your lungs fill up with air, the adrenaline's pumping, and you feel like screaming:
It's those kinds of days that I live for. I've never had the opportunity to yell something like that, but I would have been nice. I should just wait this out....but he is so a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
I should look for his faults- and i can already rule out I can start from there. just seems so difficult to do so when you have not developed feelings for anyone in a LONG time, so you see this opportunity, but it smacks you right back in the face.
I have my friends so that is all good.
Oh, because you won't understand the picture above--my friend took my picture, and I was laughing about his stupid jokes and he just happened to take the picture at the wrong time, but he captured the pure essence of my laughter.

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