Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Plain Ole Day.

[Escuela Hispana en el Condado de Orange. Fullerton, CA.2006]

I received my test scores. Pathetic. I think I should've actually studied. I feel like an idiot because I did STUPID MISTAKES! Dumb math.
I had a pleasant ride on the bus today though, I wasn't harassed too much or felt degraded by the Lollipop gang [that story to come soon].

Great, I just discovered that my little sister has just dedicated a spider to me. The little creature's name is Carla.
She HATES spiders.
I guess now I know how she feels about me- this is just as bad as when she comes up to you and sneezes at your face, releasing her disgusting mucous upon your make-up [as is always my case].
I don't know why the hell she does that.
It must be her autistic-silent boyfriend, for they share a common bond of silence.
Ah, children- please God, don't curse me with a batch of my own.
But I do like taking pictures of unsuspecting people on the bus.

'Cept for that guy on the left who did not want his picture taken- my stealth skills are alright.

Until then, The Gomez is out.
Oh, have I said how MUCH I hate Bendy buses??? ugh.


  1. I bet you don't hate bendy buses as much as london cabbies. Since their introduction a few years ago by our esteemd Mayor the traffic has got worse.

  2. Cleverly written blog! Enjoyed it alot.