Sunday, April 9, 2006

A Fantabulous Idea.

Yesterday marked the official beginning of my spring break. What a fucking joke this is- I begin it with an awful case of allergies. Therefore, I decided to catch up on my blog reading, and I came across a FANTABULOUS [fantastic + fabulous] website. Diamond Geezer is the name, and borough* exploring is his game for one day [out of every three months or so]. That made me want to go explore my own city.

But Rowland Heights??? There really isn't much.
It is not a large city, and all there really is to do is go-karting and going to Asian restaurants GA-Lore! Not that I dislike the food, cos I keep getting fat in the process---but I wish we had some historic buildings or SOMETHING!

See, for the blog above, London is a place of mystery, fun, and history. I LOVED it when I went there for the first time.


Anywho, Rowland Heights is not much of a site. We do have a lot of little plazas that boast overaffluence [Mercedes, BMWs, Vuitton purses, Gucci, etc] and at the same time sell the cheapy, one-dollar trinkets that I love.

Restaurants everywhere.

and one mall where you go if you want to see EVERY FUCKING person from Rowland and neighboring cities.

Oh my goodness, how can I be so stupid.....Rowland Heights isn't even a city! My godm thats right-that is why we borrow all the cops and fire stations, ambulances, etc....and to say that there is not one day that I do not hear that loud siren wailing up and down my busy street.
That is how it is .

I want to move, but at the same time-- I would terribly miss this place.

Until then, The Gomez is out.
*boroughs: the only way I can explain boroughs [in an American perspective] is for example: Los Angeles County- there are parts like the San gabriel valley, Downtown LA, South Central, West Los Angeles, and so forth. Think of communities rather than individual cities or counties.

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