Saturday, April 1, 2006

Introducing...Part I

My decrepit sketchbook's cover. [click image to enlarge]
Introducing my sketchbook. May that piece of shit rest in piece, because it is evident that it went through some rough handling, haha. That thing is my best friend- holding inside one of my best drawings.[at the time-when I was in high school...] Yes, the stickers do spell out "Good Sex, mmm..." It used to have another one that said "Fuck Love" on the side...but all that remains of those high school days is "_uck"
I have a few sketches to show, so I hope you all enjoy:
A lot of my paintings were life drawing studies- since I took an illustration class for most of my time at high school, my teacher wanted us to perfect drawing from a photograph-
eventually, we got to move on to real-life models [yes, during high school...] The one pictured on the right was from a book- I think probably a few artists will recognize the woman. I know I do, haha. However, it always puzzled me as to why girls couldn't draw dudes and vice versa. I still find myself very confused drawing men, even if they are standing naked in front of me. They always end up looking like women without boobs and angular faces.
Or...could it be that men truly are women with an extension cord, breastless chests, and angular faces? Blah.
I also had an obsession with distorting outrageously beautiful people. For example, Catherine Deneuve [ I am so fucking jealous of her, she's gorgeous AND French]...I had to make her look like she lost 534098 pounds and her eyes expanded to 534098 times their original size. I thought it would've been nice to draw a body- but I just never did it.
The page ended there.
Then, there were the pieces that carried onto amazing canvas works. "La Esencia" [meaning "The Essence" in Spanish] took shape after I had an awful bout of depression [oh, artists.] and and body dysmorphic disorder. I will explain that at another time. Anywho, the sketch came out really well- I put alot of detail into making it good. I will post pictures of the final product once i get it out of storage. I do not go through so much depression now, but I think body dysmorphic disorder is something else to overcome.
It still comes to me at times...especially right now.
As said before, click on the pictures to enlarge.
Until then , The Gomez is out.


  1. Nice work, the sketch of the nude especially. I love the last one you posted, the job you did of the eyes is excellent. (as is the whole portrait)

  2. The pictures are very good. I also like your blog:

    "Or...could it be that men truly are women with an extension cord, breastless chests, and angular faces? Blah."

    - very funny!