Sunday, April 2, 2006

Introducing...Part II

Okey, now for some more sketches from ye old sketchbook:
During my high school years, I was amazed at young girls' dependency on make up, as I myself wore make up evvvvvery day. Even more incredible was how older women looked with and without make up and their insatiable thirst for an unattainable beauty. Yay for wrinkles! This piece was a picture taken from an old close-up painting of a foundation bottle [yes, make-up] that was stolen from my very own locker.
The woman to the right is a willing participant in the beauty race. I exaggerated her sagging face and body. Who could it be? I have no idea- but some people say it resembled my old French teacher. Oh no, I wouldn't do such a thing...
Since I spent a lot of my time on the streets, I became a scavenger for junk. Yes, junk. One time while in Los Angeles, I found a few papers of inexplicable writings. Poems, I suppose- but they made no sense. At the same time, I had this awful crush on a dude who wouldn't even turn to see me [haha] and the poems I found had something to do with love. Oh, I wasn't in love or anything!! ...and yes, its meant to be upside-down, and the writing is not supposed to make sense. At least, it didn't to me. Lets see...
Oh, I also spent a lot of time on the bus...but it wasn't until the last few weeks of high school that the idea of drawing people sleeping dawned upon me. So, here is one of the few sketches I had of sleeping-bus-people. This magical lady is my Lola Camion [Tagalog-Spanish for "Bus grandmother" she asked me to call her that!]
Man, I look back on all these sketches, and they do not seem so amazing as i thought they were way back when...and it's only been less than three years.

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