Monday, February 16, 2009

Illustration Projects [Compilation].

Although I'm already a month into the semester, it brings new ideas and more work but I always enjoy illustration because there is nothing else I'd rather do than draw. Last semester I took my first full-blown illustration class at Fullerton, aside from my years at LACHSA. The class presented some interesting project assignments, from which I've compiled the finished pieces for your viewing pleasure.


The anthropomorphic animal assignment consisted of the students picking an animal, an adjective, and a profession from 3 separate envelopes. I picked "famished cow doctor" in which I drew an emaciated cow drooling over his chubby and [selfish] cow nurse's tray o' plenty. I chose to make line a very important aspect of my illustration, where other students chose to rely on the shading and texture of the coquille board.

The second assignment was for the El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach, CA. The class went to the park itself for inspiration in the form of photography and on-site drawing. This piece is definitely a step aside from my tight, linear drawings. I chose to focus on the turtles lounging on a platform. A rewarding experience, I felt relieved that I was able to experiment loosely with watercolor.

I chose to illustrate Dracula for the last book cover project. We had to choose from either horror or science fiction books [darn]. Once again, I chose watercolor because I wanted to portray a rather horrifying scene in a sexual, quiet intensity. I did not want to rely so much on the Bela Lugosi's Prince of Darkness nor Stoker's "Fu Manchu" Dracula [long white beard, hairy palms]. I opted for an androgynous character who seems to dance with his maiden.
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