Thursday, February 5, 2009

Business Cards.

There's nothing more I appreciate than good business card design, but sometimes it is great to go crazy, especially when the clients ALLOW you creative and aesthetic freedom to do whatever you want. I was granted a generous opportunity to create the business cards and promo flyers for Off With Her Hair! Salon in Brea, California. The owners wanted a Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette meets the sensibilities of the 80's.

I find their choice of time eras highly interesting from a historical context. The Age of Rococo [around first half of the 18th century] and the [19]80's were both significantly complex and eras of change and revolution. The attitudes in turn influenced a style that celebrated and emphasized embellishment and over-opulence. From arabesques, intricate carvings, and gold foiling to big hair, flourescent colors, and huge bows, these two time periods harmoniously collide in terms of design.

The clients wanted a central character/figure that would repeat herself in the promotional flyers and artwork at the salon itself. She remains nameless, but soon enough we'll find a name worthy of her magnificent presence.

This is the final drawing before it goes to print.

I'm so excited!
I need new business cards, speaking of which...

Until then, The Gomez is out.

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