Monday, November 6, 2006

Twenty-Four Hour Lipstick and Whatnot.

Before you head out to purchase your favorite tube of long-lasting lipstick- Buyer Beware.

We all have grown fond of our long-lasting, million-minute lipstick. Resistant to kisses, drinks, foods, et cetera...However, according to a recent study from Doctor Nahid Neman [Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto] reports that long-lasting lipstick contains a significant amount of lead.

I do not want to spread false information, but if my understanding is correct, the longer the lipstick lasts, the higher content of lead. Of course, lead in this form causes cancer. Therefore, the higher the lead content, the greater the chance of causing cancer.

You would think that you'd boycott the cheapy, no-name brands, for overlooking such a dangerous substance? Well, I suggest you save yourself some big-time money and start looking for lip stick at your local drug store, for it was the big-name brands that had the highest concentration of lead. The study also suggests that the lead is closely linked to breast cancer.

Some lipstick brands [of which you will recognize] that have lead content are as follows.

1. Yves Saint Laurent- YSL
2. Christian Dior
3. Lancôme
4. Clinique
5. Estée Lauder
6. Shiseido
7. Red Earth [Lip gloss]
8. Chanel [Lip conditioner]

Out of these 8, Yves Saint Laurent's brand was found to have the highest concentration of lead. The things we do and buy to attain picture-perfect looks...

----Beauty Kills----

...and how to find out if your favorite lipstick has lead? Put some lipstick on your hand. Using a gold ring to scratch on the lipstick, if the color starts to turn black, you've got a winner-err.... lead-based lipstick. Sad to say, but if you are as health-conscious as myself and have no desire to get cancer, I highly suggest you throw that lip stick out, find a similar color and apply more often.
I know we sacrifice many things out fo convenience, but when you're overall well-being is at stake? I'd much rather apply the lipstick 10 times a day, rather than deal with cancer in the future.
With that said, it is always up toy ou what you do with your own body.
The Gomez is out.

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