Friday, October 10, 2008

Beauty of Language and The Capacity of Human Evil.

Untitled, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2008.

It's a little late, but I wanted to post up my latest painting- it's yet to be titled, haven't quite found an appropriate name. What began an exploration in color and calligraphic style ended as a study of my painting technique, as well as developing an evolving style. The image above shows the beginning phases of my painting-- I had just finished reading a book on Islamic calligraphy. I did not want to be disrespectful towards this magnificent style of writing, so I imitated the style to a certain [if lesser] degree, hopefully not actually writing something, I hope! Around this time, I had begun reading on [check blog title] the capacity of human evil... It completely influenced me in this unknown way, I just painted until I got frustrated. I don't have an image to document my frustration, but trust me-- it was quite horrifying.

After many failed attempts at completing my work, it is finally done!

As always, critiques always welcome.
Kimchurry, any thoughts?
Until then,
The Gomez is out.


  1. It's beautiful and compelling. I
    really like the human figure interposed on the background, especially the half-flesh, half-shadow look. It's really cool to compare the two images to each other... I love how you've woven the two themes of language and capacity for evil together (I do actually think the two are very closely related) always, I'm completely awestruck by your work and I'm sure Curry will feel the same way once she sees this!

  2. CARLA my BEAUTIFUL!! (telling profile picture, btw). I really love that dessin you did of fullerton an entry down..the one in ink. It's really nice!
    Hey I linked a foodblog on my blog called "Umami", its REALLY(I mean really) well written and the photos are to die for!! You should really check it out (she lives in France!!)

    ..I wish I could make it tu your opening but since i can't I wish you continued success...bisous, Mel

  3. By the way did you check out some of those illustrators? I have some other ones...