Monday, August 4, 2008

Of Blood, Nationality, and the Right to Life.

As Jose Medellin's execution for the 1993 rape and murder of two girls [alongside 5 other gang-members] looms over the horizon, tomorrow August 5th is a day of closure for some and a loss for others. Unfortunately, Medellin's high-profile case has made it extremely difficult for a stay of execution [as you can tell I am against the death penalty].

Being in close contact with the inmate, I've become interested in the trial itself and what the media has to portray-and I've come to the same [disillusioned] conclusion:

People are stupid- their arguments for supporting Medellin's death sentence is another excuse to push their racist and anti-immigrant agendas.

I ask that you go to Yahoo!, Google, or whatever and type in Jose Medellin- any Texan webnews will have a story on him-- read as you like but pay attention to the "Citizen's Column" AKA the comments. I read over and over on why "Mexico should work harder to close its borders and keep its people away from the U.S." Dozens of people commented on the inmate's "ILLEGAL" status.

I can't help but to think,"WOW people, think beyond his country of origin, and look at the matter at hand!"

Yet they continue spewing hatred and fear-- I am truly disappointed in the American people, no joke, for actually holding such destructive thoughts.If you're going to argue on something so great as someone else's life, make it smart and relevant, not unsubstantiated and so 18th century.

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