Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Forgotten Letters.

Writing letters is usually an activity that involves at least two people: the writer and the reader... However, when you write a letter to someone who will never receive it-- that is where the plot gets interesting...
This is a story about an experience I had years ago, when I discovered a beautiful, worn box and I was intrigued to find out the contents within the box [if anything!]
-What I discovered was something very much out of a Hollywood film-
I found these uber-aged envelopes with the most hauntingly beautiful writing I have ever read. These are letters brimming with unrequited love, an eternal sadness, and a search for companionship, signed by a mysterious "La Amante Sofia" ["The Lover, Sofia]. My friend and I located this box on the outskirts of a park, and these letters looked so old, we were afraid of them turning into dust.
So we did the crazy, and decided to resort to some good, old-fashioned detective work and find the author behind these writings.
All but one of the letters were missing an address, so we went to the residence of the address, and sadly, the woman was not living there anymore; however, the current owners DID know the past owners and they planned to contact her about this box. A few days later, we got in contact with the previous owner and found out that she lived like 4 hours away! Thinking this was too good of an opportunity to pass up, my friend and I headed to her place and investigate the origins of these letters!
The look on this woman's face once she took a look into the box was -for lack of a better word- priceless. She just began weeping "My sister, my sister..." and said "Thank you" about a thousand times...
She sat us down for a very long, detailed story about her sister's legacy, who sadly took her life decades ago. These letters further highlight this woman at the deepest corners of despair... again, I have never read anything so beautiful and perfect, although overwhelmingly troubled. She was a person longing her love, leaving it up to one man and his word to return to her but instead finding love in another woman.
"La Amante Sofia" never recovered from this heartache, and began writing for days and days until sometime in between, she stopped writing.
Either out of spite or anger, she refused to sign her letters with her known name, and thus the creation of "Sofia."
I had so many questions, but seeing this nice old woman in tears was just too much and some things are better left as mysteries, no?
Some of her writings deeply affected the way I write everything- even these blogs-- although I'm nowhere near close to the amazing skill this woman had..
Alright, that was just a small story I had to share.
Until then, The Gomez is out.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Art Pieces For Sale.

I've finally decided to let go of two pieces for my college's art exhibit and sale.

I believe that the artwork has to reflect the course material, and since I'm currently taking figure drawing class, I'm submitting [tasteful] nudes to the exhibit.
Tell me what you think :o)
Mujer En Verde 1.0, 2007

La Femme Aux Ailes Bizarres, 2007
Until then, The Gomez is out.