Friday, June 2, 2006

Letter to the PreZ.

Dear Mr. President,
It is a disgrace that your country faces a moral dispute. I speak for those who have no voice, risking their lives in order to give their loved ones a future they never lived. The new, young children of these immigrants began their lives in a foreign country, completely unaware of their lack of identity. Like them, I've learned your language & history, implemented your values, and learned to love this country- yet we've maintained our unique cultural identity, for your country was founded on the blood and suffering of many different peoples. As children we assumed rights just like everyone else. Early on, we learned that all people are equal, especially in your country. Land of the Free...However, to find at that [no] we are different and lack rights only disheartens us. It angers us how we suddenly lost our identity, and during these few months, we suddenly became inferior criminals. I am unprepared to go through a hiatus in my education, just because your country and its people refuse to accept me. After years of an effortless attempt to fit in a country we call our own, we find ourselves crawling back to associate with a society that seems to turn its back on us. It is indisputable that we always contributed to the well-being and culture of our second homeland.
Centuries ago, your ancestors came to this land full of promises and hope for change. The new generation of immigrants deserve that same desire to succeed.
This country will never live up to is name if you allow such hatred and racism to proliferate your people against those who years [ and might I add, DESERVE] a second chance.
The New American Immigrant.